G Adventures National Geographic Journeys

Submitted by: Tracy Murphy, June 2019

I have been waiting for a long time for a product like this to become available to my clients! I am so excited to announce National Geographic Family Journeys by G Adventures!
Two of my favorite companies of partnered to offer immersive experiences that provide Interactive activities inspired by National Geographic’s expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history, and geography. They also give you an opportunity to give back through G Adventures Planeterra Foundation.

What you can expect:
Small group travel, less than 20 people
Two CEO’s(Chief Experience Officers) to make the experience personal and engage young travelers
Kid Friendly Meal Options
Interactive Experiences
Thoughtfully crafted itineraries that allow for leisure time
Comfortable, moderate accommodations

If you are interested in exposing your children to different parts of the world in a thoughtful and engaging manner, this could be perfect for your family.

Minimum age on most trips is 7 years old.

National Geographic, G Adventures and Tracy Murphy Travel all believe that travel can be used as a force for good.
Go Explore!

(I will be traveling in October to Portugal with G Adventures on a National Geographic Journeys itinerary. I will be excited to share the details upon my return!)